Magnetic Grounding Mat

Magnetic Grounding Mat services offered in Whitehouse Station, NJ

Magnetic Mat

Magnetic Mat services offered in Whitehouse Station, NJ

A magnetic mat is a therapeutic tool that boosts cellular energy production. At Advanced Frequency Energy Spa in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, Trish Mahoney and the wellness spa team have the PureWave Pulsed Electro Magnetic Ion-Transporter (PEMF) magnetic mat. They use the magnetic mat as a stand-alone treatment and as part of the Superhuman Protocol. Are you ready to re-energize your life? Call today or schedule your magnetic mat session online. 

Magnetic Grounding Mat Q&A

What is a magnetic mat?

A magnetic mat is one of the wellness services the team at Advanced Frequency Energy Spa uses to help you feel your best. The PureWave™ PEMI magnetic mat uses pulses of magnetic energy that re-charge your cells.

Every cell in your body has a magnetic charge. The magnetic mat acts like a power source, recharging the magnetism in your cells. 

Advanced Frequency Energy Spa offers the magnetic mat as an a la carte treatment or as one of the three therapies in the Superhuman Protocol™.

How does the magnetic mat work?

Magnetic mat works by rebalancing energy levels in the cell. The PureWave PEMI magnetic mat allows your body to absorb electrons, creating the ionic charge within the cell that helps maintain normal body functions. 

The magnetic mat also helps separate blood cells, which tend to clump together. The clumping of your cells inhibits their ability to absorb oxygen.

The idea behind the magnetic mat is that it grounds you. Ideally, your feet naturally ground (recharge your cells) to the Earth when you walk barefoot. If you’re unable to walk barefoot outside regularly, you’re unable to recharge your cells.

Eight minutes on the magnetic mat at Advanced Frequency Energy Spa is the equivalent of recharging your body barefoot for 12 hours. 

What does magnetic mat therapy feel like?

Magnetic mat therapy at Advanced Frequency Energy Spa is painless and relaxing. During your session, you lie on the PureWave PEMI mat in one of the peaceful lounge areas.

Therapy takes 10 minutes or less. The magnetic mat is the first treatment of the Superhuman Protocol, which is then followed by oxygen therapy and red light therapy.

What will I feel like after the magnetic mat?

You feel relaxed and re-energized following your magnetic mat session at Advanced Frequency Energy Spa. Restoring your body’s natural magnetism boosts energy, improves mental clarity, and gives you a general sense of well-being. 

Advanced Frequency Energy Spa is proud to offer cutting-edge technologies that promote cell restoration and overall wellness. Call today or schedule your magnetic mat session using the online booking button. Walk-ins are welcome.